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Links for workshop on new media

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

These are the links for my presentation at a teachers’ workshop entitled ‘”Broadcast Yourself”: how the internet is transforming traditional media’.

On wikipedia

Nature report on wikipedia which concluded that, for a subset of science articles, it was not not much less reliable than the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Encyclopedia Britannica‘s response to Nature report:

Nature‘s rebuttal of Encylopedia Britannica:

The Guardian: Can you trust wikipedia?:,16541,1599325,00.html

On white phosphorus story

Correntwire blog entry on White Phosphorus which provided links to online sources showing the U.S. military had used White Phosphorus in Falluja:

correntwire blog story

BBC News story on White Phosphorus (largely a write up of the blogs):

BBC news journalist reflects on the power of blogging in the wake of the white phosphorus story:

Bill Thompson (BBC technology commentator) on the power of blogging:

New Media and Copyright Issues

Presentation on ‘Free Culture’ given by Lawrence Lessig in 2002 at the OReilly Open Source Conference. Note that this is a flash presentation with embedded audio of Lessig speaking:

Lessig’s book, Free Culture, is freely available online:

youtube clips played