Bernard Stiegler: technics, politics, individuation

nfThe issue of New Formations which I have been editing with Jeremy Gilbert has come out. It includes a new interview with Stiegler. This is the table of contents: Table of contents:

Editorial pp. 5-7(3)
Gilbert, Jeremy; Roberts, Ben

Technics, Individuation and Tertiary Memory: Bernard Stiegler’s Challenge to Media Theory pp. 8-20(13)
Author: Roberts, Ben

Enchantment, Disenchantment, Re-Enchantment: Toward a Critical Politics of Re-Individuation pp. 21-43(23)
Author: Barker, Stephen

Technics Beyond the Temporal Object pp. 44-62(19)
Author: Hansen, Mark B.N.

The Reality of Real Time pp. 63-75(13)
Authors: Wambacq, Judith; Buseyne, Bart

The Forgetting of Aesthetics: Individuation, Technology, and Aesthetics in the Work of Bernard Stiegler pp. 76-96(21)
Author: Ieven, Bram

Editing (and) Individuation pp . 97-110(14)
Author: Crogan, Patrick

Life and Thought in the Rushes: Mnemotechnics and Orthographic Temporal Objects in the Philosophy of Bernard Stiegler pp. 111-126(16)
Author: Swiboda, Marcel

Proletarianisation pp. 127-149(23)
Author: Hutnyk, John

Antagonism and Technicity: Bernard Stiegler on Eris, Stasis and Polemos pp. 150-163(14)
Author: Marchart, Oliver

Bernard Stiegler: ‘A Rational Theory of Miracles: on Pharmacology and Transindividuation’ pp. 164-184(21)
Authors: Stiegler, Bernard; Roberts, Ben; Gilbert, Jeremy; Hayward, Mark

Glossary pp. 185-186(2)

War at the Membrane pp. 187-191(5)
Author: Thoburn, Nicholas

Unconsoled pp. 192-195(4)
Author: Graham, James

Beyond the Everyday pp. 196-200(5)
Author: Ganguly, Keya

Post-Cinematic Effects pp. 201-203(3)
Author: Bowman, Paul

Baldwin’s Atlantics pp. 204-208(5)
Author: M’Baye, Babacar

Resisting Deconstruction pp. 209-213(5)
Author: Macdonald, Molly

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