February 15th, 2006

Had my first encounter with Bogons while setting up <a href="http://wordpress .org”>WordPress.

Installing WordPress was fairly easy but I couldn’t work out why the server could only be seen from certain parts of the network. Luckily David managed to put me straight. It turned out that lots of UK ADSL networks were getting blocked by some over-zealous bogon checking on the firewall. Bogons are basically ‘bogus’ network addresses, addresses that are not supposed to be valid. The problem with blocking bogons is that new internet addresses are constantly being allocated, so addresses that are bogus at one point become valid later.

Stiegler Reading Derrida

January 16th, 2006

My <a href="http://www3”>article on Derrida and Stiegler went live at Postmodern Culture. Their policy seems to be that only the current issue’s articles are open access, so read it while you can ….