2 thoughts on “‘Waiting for the Political Moment’

  1. In fact the issue of new political approach has changed the pattern of politics across the globe.
    The Americanization of political communication has modernised the relationship between the politicians and the Media. Especially, with the advent of the New Media.

  2. UTS, "I love my sistas but a lot of them cut their own throats with the attitudes and the self-righteousness.Black men and black women have been at war with each since we arrived on these shores."Thank you, Steve! Now that's where the heart of the matter is. Anything else is just dancing around the truth. When you got bw like La Incognita and Grata pointing the "blame finger" at bm, do you think a man would be looking to live with them? There is NOTHING attractive about a criticizing self-righteous bw. In fact, it is UGLY.

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