The end of newspapers

Clay Shirky, Nicholas Carr and Yochai Benkler on the end of newspapers.

5 Responses to “The end of newspapers”

  1. phil jones says:

    All fascinating stuff, isn’t it.

  2. ben.l.roberts says:

    The arguments, particularly from Shirky, are a little well rehearsed but it feels as if it’s happening for real now.

  3. phil jones says:


    A lot of local papers are definitely dying. It *is* happening, Though I guess inertia and other business models mean that the big papers will survive. And maybe experiment their way to new success. (eg . The Guardian)

    Shirky’s been rehearsing his arguments since the mid-90s so he’s thought through most angles. I think Carr is clever but fairly wedded to his own traditional blinkers. But he’s certainly the most interesting sceptic.

    So how come you’re suddenly blogging all this stuff. Are you teaching something along these lines now.

  4. ben.l.roberts says:

    I’ve been teaching this stuff for quite a few years now, just turning over a new leaf on the blogging front …

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